Hammondsport and Keuka Lake

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By Charles R. Mitchel

128 pages

Located in the Finger Lakes of New York, Keuka Lake has an intriguing history spattered with wineries, early flight, and legendary people like Glenn Curtiss. Hammondsport and Keuka Lake continues geographically where Penn Yan and Keuka Lake left off. This historical work covers the periods from the 1850s to the 1960s, the period of black-and-white photography in this area. At one time Keuka Lake was host to a number of wineries lining the lake’s shores. Several no longer exist having been replaced by new wineries, craft breweries, and distilleries, However, through the pages of this book, one may look back and share in the magnificence of these businesses’ heydays. A chapter is devoted to Glenn Curtiss, an innovative man who was building and testing airplanes at the same time the Wright brothers were working in aerodynamics. Hammondsport has definitely had a number of interesting characters and momentous occasions.